Poulin Responds To ECHL Offer

Just yesterday the report came out that the Trois-Rivières Lions were interested in acquiring the phenomenal Marie-Philip Poulin. Well today Poulin responded with this statement in french:

The gist of the note, thanks TSN no thanks to my high school french teacher, is that Poulin is appreciative of the recognition but she is refusing the offer to continue her career long efforts at creating a stable league for the future of women’s hockey. She also invited Trois-Rivières, and other pro hockey teams and leagues, to help them achieve their goal. Can’t say I am too shocked by her response and I respect the hell out of it but man I would have loved to see her light up the ECHL.

Regardless, she is still going to be working to help create that stable league. This is her live’s mission. That and crushing the US at the Olypmics and therefore my soul. Should have figured that she wasn’t going to give that up. I love that she also encouraged others to help her and all the other pros between the PHF, PWHPA, and college teams in their quest for a stable league. Maybe this will help the two leagues, the PWHPA and the PHF, settle their diffences and figure out a unified league. I don’t know what will happen next but the future is bright for women’s hockey in North America.

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Featured Image: Vincent Ethier/CP

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