Jack Eichel’s Return Is Upon Us

After months and month of agony over Jack Eichel’s future, the next chapter is in sight.

Vegas Golden Knights’ GM Kelly McCrimmon announced earlier today that Jack Eichel will be back out on NHL ice this coming Wednesday. Vegas is set to play the Colorado Avalanche in Las Vegas and I’m sure the city will be ready to welcome Eichel with open arms.

Eichel’s last game was March 7th, 2021 when he was still captain of the Buffalo Sabres. Since that game, Eichel had been sidelined with a herniated disc in his neck. In his remaining season and subsequent offseason with Buffalo, Eichel fought the front office to get a specific surgery but they wouldn’t let him. (I covered that here). It was a very long and public battle that really said more about how shitty the Sabres organization is than how Eichel is as a leader.

On November 4th, the kid was finally freed and traded to the Vegas Golden Knights. Eichel got the surgery he wanted almost immediately after the trade and now, he’s already back in the game just a few months later.

The poor kid had to spend months in pain while with the Sabres. He had to carry around that injury everywhere he went and he wasn’t allowed to escape because the front office didn’t let him choose what he wanted. He was freed once on the day he was traded and I bet he’s going to fly high when he gets some ice under his skates, battling alongside a new team.

Eichel’s whole remaining 2021 season was derailed by all of this, I sincerely hope he’s able to put it behind him and start thriving with a team that’s actually good. The Golden Knights do pretty well for themselves and I’ll bet they do better with a kid like Eichel. I’m very excited to see him back out on the ice. The #FreeJack movement has won.

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Featured Image: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

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