Trevor Zegras was SNUBBED

How the absolute hell did Alex Pietrangelo win the Breakaway Challenge? Pietrangelo went last and he had the most boring shot but because he’s the home team player and John Hamm doesn’t know how a 1-10 scale works, that boring non-goal won – thank you, Manon Rheaume, for stopping that one. Proof: I have not seen one person tweet a video of that attempt but, would you look at that, I have several of the other four.

Trevor Zegras was the clear winner. That kid went blindfolded with a goal that would have been unimaginable to do with sight. I’ve watched it 40 times already:

Are you kidding me?! How the hell do you even do that? I sincerely can’t comprehend how he did that.

Zegras wasn’t the only one who wowed the crowd. Kirill Kaprizov started by honoring Alex Ovechkin, his fellow Russian and mentor.

Zegras’s buddy, Jack Hughes performed some magic and had help from little Jack Hughes to score his goal.

Last but not least, Alex DeBrincat had some help from the Wolf Pack to score his insane goal (once again hindered by John Hamm):

As you can see, all of these goals were miles above what Pietrangelo did AND they all made it. Get John Hamm off this panel, he’s pulling a Putin on the voting system. The Ducks and Devils are banding together to dispute that insane victory:

I don’t know why the NHL ever stopped this competition. It’s fun, it’s over the top, and it draws people in to watch it. Trevor Zegras wasn’t even voted into the All-Star games and he scored the best goal that’s pulling eyes from all over. And he did that BLIND. A fun night at the NHL All-Star Skills competition, their new competitions were really neat and original, like I said I liked the return of the Breakaway Challenge. It was a good night but get John Hamm off this panel and give Zegras his rightful W.

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