Zegras Has Done It. He’s Finally Done It.

Back on March 1st, 2021, Trevor Zegras and Nils Hoglander both attempted to score a Michigan and I wrote a little blog betting on who would do it first.

Now, 332 days later, Trevor Zegras has proven me right. The 20-year-old superstar-in-the-making just scored a lacrosse/Michigan goal against the Montreal Canadiens:

Too bad that Ontario has empty barns because this place might have gone nuts over this goal. Zegras has attempted this goal multiple times, it was nearly his first NHL goal, and it is delightful to see him finally do it. This incredible goal comes as his 11th on the season, 14th in his career. Not to mention that was his first goal of the night, he has since added one more. I am delighted that we’re getting to see the start of this kid’s career. This is really just the beginning, the wind is picking up and the whirlwind is coming. We’re going to see a lot more insane goals from this kid as the years go on. He’s going to create some insane new way to score a goal that we’re going to be telling our grandkids about. He’s bound to be a superstar; he’s got the skill, he’s personable as hell, and he’s just getting started. Good for you, Trevor.

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