Boyle Goes Between The Legs

A rare sighting: Brian Boyle going between the legs to score a sick goal.

The 37-year-old center scored the Penguin’s 6th goal of the game against the Coyotes earlier tonight. He really wasted no time once he got that puck. Just caught the pass, set up his shot, and made it look like it was no big sweat.

Boyle’s story this year has been an inspiring one. His first goal of the season came 11 hours after signing with the Penguins. Now he’s collected his 5th goal of the season on this absolute beauty. Along with that goal, Boyle registered 2 hits and 3 shots on goal in his 10:53 played tonight.

Not only do I love this goal coming from Boyle, but I also love his little smile at Marino after. No big celly, just a lil smirk:

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from this tweet

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