How Did He Just Score That?!

What in holy wizardry is this? I’ve watched this goal 20 times and I still have not the slightest clue how that went in.

Shane Wright, an 18-year-old center playing for the Kingston Frontenacs, just scored that insane goal you’re watching up above. I can barely hazard a guess at how he did this one. He comes around the back of the net, seems to pop the puck up in the air, and then alley-oops it into the net, probably off the goalie’s back, while barely breaking a sweat.

I don’t even know how that’s possible. And the fact that Wright barely moves is beyond me. This is Wright’s 13th goal of the season, bringing him to 35 points (13G 22A) in 28 games played. He’s right now the unanimous projected #1 draft pick of the 2022 NHL Draft, according to his Elite Prospects. To have every single major projection draft board agree you’re #1 is quite the accomplishment. I’m excited to see where he’ll be by the time the draft rolls around.

Now one last time: (Still… HOW?!)

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