Some Funny Videos To Nurse Your Hangover With

Everyone always talks about how quick you get drunk in the mile-high city but no one tells you that the hangovers equally suck. Also, the shitty part about vacation sometimes is you forget the painkillers for headaches. So instead of rambling about the Flyers’ 11th loss in a row, let’s just quietly be hungover together and watch some mindless videos.

One: Jason Sudeikis and puppy. There is no better combo in this entire world than Jason Sudeikis and puppies. You might want to skip the first 45 seconds because it’s a little loud and skip to 2 minutes in for Jason.

There might be no one I love more than Brett Goldstein. He plays Roy Kent on Ted Lasso, he’s one of the show writers, and he’s a hilarious guy. If you can’t tell I’ve been on a Late Night Show kick so enjoy this one, it still cracks me up:

Last but not least we have some good SNL moments. SNL has kinda been crappy as of late so these clips are great because they have some old ones mixed in.

That’s all I got for y’all but good luck out there. I am currently on vacation in Denver and I have to drag my ass to the Avalanches’ game but alas, these videos will keep me alive. Godspeed and good luck.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from this video

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