So How ‘Bout Them Oilers?

Oh, how the mighty fall.

Last night was the nail in the coffin for a lot of frustrated Edmonton fans during the Panthers’ absolute slaying of the Oilers, 6-0 in their home barn. To start this season, the Oilers were flying. Like that graphic above says, they were first in the West on December 1st. In their first 16 games of the season, they were 16-5-0.

Between December 1st and today, January 21st, the Edmonton Oilers have played in 15 games and only won 2 of them, losing the other 13 – two of which in overtime. WOWZA. I usually don’t pay close mind to Edmonton so I knew things weren’t going good bud I didn’t know they were this bad. In that time the team has scored only 35 goals while giving up 62. Their point distribution is grossly weighted. Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid are currently at 54 and 53 points on the season respectively. Then you have a massive drop to 3rd’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who has just 26 points. There are a few other guys with more than 20 but that’s about it.

It’s almost astonishing at this point that they can have 2 generational players and still the team is this bad. Things don’t appear to be looking up either as the Oilers just put their 3rd top scorer, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, on the LTIR. As the KHL’s CKA-1946 put it so eloquently in this meme:

And now one of those pillars has fallen.

I don’t anticipate things getting a lot better for this team. To go from 16-5-0 to 18-16-2 in just over a month and a half is disastrous. Now they’ll be facing their arch enemies, the Calgary Flames, who are 3-6-1 in their last 10, on Saturday night in Edmonton. The Battle of Alberta is always good, even if these teams suck because they have a genuine rivalry. However, I’m sure we’ll see another jersey on the ice at some point. After that game, they move onto Vancouver and I’d put my money on the Canucks for that one.

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