For The Second Time This Season, The Flyers Are On A 10-Game Losing Streak And I’m Just Embracing It At This Point

For the second time this season, the Philadelphia Flyers have lost 10 games in a row. I am not mad anymore I am simply impressed with how much they suck.

Just kidding, still mad but I digress-

Tonight, the Flyers collected that 10th consecutive loss in a 1-2 game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. They inspired little hope from me really during this game. They have these moments and plays where it looks like they might organize something but then nothing comes of it or it completely backfires and we’re left grueling over lost chances. All those chances just pile up and up until this tipping point and after the fact, all you have to look back on is missed chance after missed chance. And it gets so incredible frustraiting.

Carter Hart did his best in this, he stopped 27 of 29 shots. There is really only so much he can do to keep them in it. When he’s not getting support from his teammates, all he can do is try to stop all those pucks. Their problem isn’t him.

This offense is dry. When the scoring happens, it’s a handful of guys. They need guys who can put up points consistently and guys who, up and down these lines, can make some sparks happen. Sometimes they look bonedry and tired out there. There are a few guys who go out there and give 110% every single time, like Zack MacEwen, Carter Hart, Cam Atkinson, Claude Giroux – those guys really try to bring this team up. But much like Carter, there’s only so much they can do when other guys aren’t giving that extra enthusiasm.

I don’t want to shit talk a team I care about (don’t ask why I care, I’ve been asking God that this week) but being back on a 10-game losing streak is just disastrous. The Flyers have played 40 games this season and 20 of those were two instances of 10 consecutive losses. They’re now 13-19-8 on the season. At this point, fuck it. In the words of the great Erika Nardini, “embrace the suck”. Yep, we suck. Everything sucks. Once Comcast sells this team maybe I’ll become an optimist again. But for now, three cheers for sucking.

I’ll leave you with this quote from my girl Zendaya as MJ in Spider-Man:

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