Trevor Zegras Tries His Hand At Goaltending

Is there anything Trevor Zegras can’t do? Seriously, this kid is something else.

Not even 60 games under his belt and slowly but surely Zegras is becoming one of the most beloved players in the NHL. Earlier today he decided to try his hand at some goaltending and he killed it with a little sweeping glove save as seen here:

I love how he does it with so much gusto and the whole video is sealed with a “sheeeeesh” from some other Ducks player on the ice.

After the insane Sonny Milano goal from earlier this season, it felt like Zegras went on a media tour for a bit and every interview was entertaining as hell. He carried around Baby Yoda when it was “Star Wars Night” in Anaheim. Every time he’s on my Twitter feed he’s doing something goofy or it’s some insane highlight of him on the ice and it just makes him climb my list of favorite NHL players.

He’s a kid who is just himself, bringing some livelihood to the young guys. Nowadays so many of the younger guys reel in their personality because they’ve been media trained to hell since childhood. But Zegras never hides that, he is always enthusiastic, always making headlines for being his usual goofy self. You honestly love to see it. The guy is 20-years-old, playing in the NHL, just having fun with it. Good for him. Not to mention he’s been having a good season with the Ducks, 25 points (8G 17A) in 30 games played. He’s only in his second season with the NHL and I sincerely cannot wait to see more from him. He’s already had countless highlight-reel moments, it’ll be fun to see what he does (or says) next.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from this Tweet

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