I Cannot Think Of A Title For This Blog Because Cale Makar’s OT Goal Made My Brain Soup

Nothing worse than your hometown team getting absolutely dunked on by an OT goal but I sincerely must tip my hat here.

An amazing game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Colorado Avalanche tonight. The Avalanche started with a quick 2-0 lead before the end of the first, then Jonathan Toews got us to 2-1 before the final 3rd frame. But alas – Alex DeBrincat, that slick little shit scored 2 goals in 40 seconds (both of which were on the power play) to get the Hawks a 2-3 lead. The Hawks would keep until Erik Johnson scored his second of the game with just under 8 to go in regulation. So with this game 3-3, we pushed into OT but Cale Makar did not need long.

I have watched this video approximately 5 times and I am going to watch it for another 700.

The Hawks are my #1 team so this hurt on that aspect BUT you cannot deny how sick this kid’s hands are. Are you KIDDING ME?! He makes it look like a cakewalk. Makar casually jukes out Kirby Dach, goes backhand-forehand, and BAM sends that one right past Marc-Andre Fleury. I am obsessed with this goal (despite the fact I will hate seeing Marc-Andre on the receiving end of it).

But tonight man, it’s Cale Makar (See Below).

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Featured Image: Colorado Avalanche Twitter

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