Alexis Lafreniere Proves Me Right Once Again

Death. Taxes. My heart leaping into my throat every time a goalie leaves the net. And tonight, early on, I was proven right once more. Back in the early days of this little blog, I wrote about two things that are going to give me a heart attack: post-season baseball and goalies leaving the net. We won’t get into baseball because that doesn’t apply here and the Cubs suck now. HOWEVER, regardless of the team, I still get so nervous when goalies leave that net and Mikko Koskinen just proved me right again.

Ryan Strome and Alexis Lafreniere took advantage of Koskinen leaving the net early in the Rangers game against the Oilers tonight. Koskinen leaves the net, Strome battles him to the puck, sends it right to Laf, and the Rangers have a 0-1 lead 5 minutes into this game.

I don’t particularly care about the Oilers but my heart jumped into my throat regardless on this one. It was the main reason I was worried about the Hawks getting Marc-Andre Fleury, he has a tendency to do this and it drives me up a wall. Even Ben Bishop, who would play the puck really well, worried the hell out of me because I remember Sharpy’s goal in the 2015 playoffs.

It will never, ever stop giving me a heart attack. Team doesn’t matter, goalie doesn’t matter, it will always kill me.

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Featured Image: Rangers Twitter

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