Another IIHF Tournament Canceled But I’m Sick Of Being Sad So Here’s Past World Junior Highlights

First and foremost: The IIHF is full of boneheads.

Today the World Juniors was officially canceled due to multiple positive COVID tests on multiple teams. This is following yesterday when a few teams, including the US, had to forfeit games due to positive tests. Now the IIHF has outright canceled the tournament because the people in charge didn’t actually prepare for conducting a tournament in the pandemic.

I hope they reschedule this somehow, same as the U18 Women’s Worlds because all those kids deserve a chance to show the world their talent as they move on in their pro careers. I’m so sick of writing about canceled events, that’s been this whole blog as of late. So wanna know what, let’s rewatch some of the good times. Let’s take time to just forget about all this bullshit going on right now and let’s time travel back to some other tournaments.

First and foremost, let’s kick it back to one year ago when the USA absolutely dominated this tournament and won Gold. Here is that full game:

I’ll be nice and put Canada’s 2020 win in here too:

Some highlight-reel goals between the US and Canada from 2017. You got Adam Fox and Charlie McAvoy for the US, Carter Hart and Mathew Barzal for Canada. I kept saying “wow, he was there that year?” What a lineup as they roll through goals:

Here’s 2015 Canada vs Russia. That’s a sneaky rivalry right there. When it comes to Russia, everyone thinks “Miracle” but there is a solid rivalry between Canada and the Russians. This 2015 game was in Canada, McDavid was there. It’s fun to look back on a hockey world before McDavid.

And last but not least, John Carlson’s 2010 OT goal for the US to win it in Canada.

In 2010 I was 10 years old, my little brother – given this was early January 2010 – wasn’t even born yet. Back then I probably had problems I thought I’d never live to see the end of but at the end of the day, it’s 11 -almost 12- years later and I did get through them. Life has been so god damn negative lately. Everywhere you look there’s someone mad about something or mild guilt-tripping that you don’t care about every single problem in the world, and it gets so tough to see through it. Well here’s some light to see through it. Hope y’all have been having a good day, enjoy some hockey highlights.

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Featured Image:  Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

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