Merry Christmas, It’s Almost Hockey Time

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! This has felt like the longest day of my life. We didn’t do much for Christmas this year (see: COVID) so I went on a 4-hour drive to Wisconsin and back, then took a big ass nap. Pretty good Christmas in my book though because I love going on a drive and sleeping.

The one thing I hate about Christmas is there’s no hockey on, especially this year. BUT we have something to look forward to tomorrow. The beginning of the World Juniors. Yes, I am still pissed about the U18 Women’s Worlds but I am still excited for this Championship.

Tomorrow, the US will take on Slovakia in Game 1 of the World Juniors. The roster is great, here’s a look at it:

They’ve got a good cast of repeat players, strong new upcoming kids to fill places. They did lose their pre-tournament game against Finland but it was just 3-4 in Overtime, here’s the recap. They’ll have to tighten their belts heading into this game against Slovakia. Slovakia has some top prospects on their roster – Martin Chromiak, Jakub Demek, Samuel Knazko – and a couple years back the team even ended up going home with a Bronze. I think if this US team keeps their wits about them, they should beat Slovakia no problem. Last year they started with a loss to Russia before coming back to win gold so if shit hits the fan it’s not a horrible thing. BUT starting off winning is always welcome.

Starting at 1PM CT we’ll have an action-packed day of hockey, the US brings up the ringer at 8:30PM CT. I’ll be here covering all of it so follow along.

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Featured Image: USA Hockey's Twitter

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