IIHF Officially Cancels U18 Women’s World Championships and I Am Livid

Well the IIHF has officially canceled the U18 Women’s World Championships and I will forever be mad.

Last night when there were rumbles of this happening, I was livid and I blogged about it here. Now the IIHF has officially announced the canceling and I am still angry. Like I said last night, these women have been working their tails off for these competitions and it’s malarkey that they have had this canceled with no if-and-or-buts about it. At this point, the IIHF is just being disrespectful for allowing the men’s tournaments to go through without a hitch but canceling the women’s and calling it “precautionary” when we know it’s not. The IIHF is a bunch of money-hungry bastards that only care about appearing like they care. They clearly don’t, that’s crystal clear after two years of blatantly disregarding the progression of women’s hockey by outright canceling these tournaments while just allowing the men to play on with little stopping them. They’re letting guys who tested positive in early December play but they’re outright canceling the Women’s tournament just a few weeks before it happens.

I’m just sick of dealing with this. Let the women’s play. Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate), bah humbug IIHF.

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Featured Image: Steve Kingsman/HHOF-IIHF Images

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