Sauron. Jorah Mormont. Shortman Hams.

From this day forth, you must refer to me as Lord Shortman Hams.

As it is Christmas time, my best friend got me a 5-square-foot plot of land in Scotland thus making me, your dear blogger, a Lord. And ohhhh boy am I living for this one.

Apparently, this one-foot by five-foot plot of land is in Ardallie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland – which seems like a cute little town out there in Scotland.

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Being a knight has always been on my list of “Jobs I’d have if I could time travel”, despite it being 4th. Now I get to skip right over that into Lordship. Although, this is a lot of responsibility to take on all at once. I vaguely knew what Lords do (I’ve seen Game of Thrones) but it’s much more than that.

These are responsibilities I am ready for. One reason I always wanted to be a knight was to fall in love with a Prince/Princess and fight for their honor. Well, being a knight to the King is the best way to do that, eh? This may be a lot of responsibility for a 22-year-old but I am ready for it. Maybe I’ll be a good Lord, treat my subjects well. Maybe I’ll be a dark Lord, have my soul possessed by a ring.

Sauron. Jorah Mormont. Shortman Hams. Lords of the Realm. Deal with it.

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