There’s No Way The NHL Is Going To Let It’s Players Head Over To The Olympics

Well, can’t say I’m shocked. With COVID running rampant in the NHL, players no longer able to travel even between US and Canada, it’s starting to look like NHL players will NOT be allowed to play at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

It makes sense and it’s a smart move. It’s not worth the risk. Teams can get sick, injured, stranded. It’s just not worth it. The NHL is a wreck right now. They’ve had to postpone 27 games recently due to the COVID outbreak within the league. Like I mentioned earlier, cross-border travel is suspended until after Christmas break, leaving 12 games postponed between US and Canadian teams. Countless players are in protocol, those who tested positive seem to be having mild symptoms – means the vaccine is helping. I’d hate to see another Marco Rossi situation.

On top of that, it’s flu season, everyone’s immune system is shot to hell because we’ve been inside for a year. If players went, they’d get sick, be it COVID or some nasty flu. There would be almost no avoiding it. They’ll probably use that scheduled 3-week break to re-schedule the games they have postponed so far. The NHL only has until January 10th to pull out without being financially punished. I’m sure we’ll be getting an official announcement in the next few days from the league, probably before Christmas. It would have been awesome to see NHL players once again playing for their home countries but life ain’t fair.

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Featured Image:  Christopher Morris / Corbis via Getty Images

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