Flyers Win A Game For The First Time Since November 16th

The Flyers have finally won a game, babes! Let’s get into it.

Kevin Hayes, rightfully so, opened this game with a slick backhand goal just 4:20 into the game. Must watch:

Sadly, the Golden Knights William Karlsson followed that up with a goal of his own when there were just 49 seasons left in the period. And that is, sadly, honestly good for the Flyers. They took a 1-1 lead into the second period.

Max William, who has been bounced back and forth from the NHL and AHL like a ping-pong ball, scored his first NHL goal 5:53 into the second. I am happy for him. He not only had to deal with the bouncing back and forth between the NHL and AHL, but he has to deal with this disastrous team. At least he got his first goal out of it.

Into the third period, by some miracle, the Flyers finally scored on the power play. Sean Couturier sniped a goal to give the Flyers an early 3-2 lead into the final frame.

It is so rare for the Flyers to score a goal on the power play, I was a little shocked about this one. Claude Giroux, surprising no one, set the Flyers’ franchise record in power-play points with an assist on this goal.

Trevor van Riemsdyk followed Couts’s goal with a power-play goal of his own. Absolutely astonished we have two back-to-back power-play goals but here is Reemer’s:

The Flyers held on tight for the remaining 10 minutes. They fought through some PKs, Max Pacioretty scored his second of the game to get it 4-3 but the Flyers ended up on top.

The Flyers didn’t just need this for morale, or the room, or anything – they just needed this, plain and simple. They had to win this game. A 10-game losing streak is an absolute disaster, they had to break this game or their season was fucking done. Breaking this streak is massive moving forward. They took down Vegas, who was 15-10-0, and on a 3-game win streak. It had to be won, no other way about it. I’m happy they got this one. Their next game is against the Coyotes and they’re a disaster so let’s pray the Flyers can pull out another win here, then they’ll move onto New Jersey. For now, I am going to revel in this win. It’s been scarce lately and we needed it.

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Featured Image:  Philadelpia Flyers Twitter

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