Fleury Thanking His Goalposts Will Forever Be Adorable

Hawks captured a shootout win against the roaring Capitals earlier tonight and I will never, ever, ever get over Marc-Andre Fleury thanking his goalposts. I’m not sure if Fleury has been doing this his entire 18-year career but it seems like, in recent years, everyone has picked up on it.

And every. single. time. It warms my cold little heart.

He did it again tonight after the Hawks secured a win in the shootout. It’s funny because he goes skating to the bench then loops around like “oh shit, forget to thank you guys! Thank you ☺️, and thank you☺️.” and then he just spins back around like it’s nothing. Like he’s not a 37-year-old man thanking two metal pipes for stopping a piece of rubber.

Seriously, anytime he does this I’m sitting on Twitter like:

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