Matthews Loses The Mustache But Scores A Hatty

It’s December so that means the No Shave November mustaches are on their way out – including Auston Matthews‘ iconic mustache.

And despite being without the majestic lip warmer, he played phenomenally tonight against the Colorado Avalanche. Mattews started off the game by getting this sick goal in the closing minutes of the 1st period.

Yeah, tonight was not Jonas Johansson’s night. Matthews’ goal was the Leafs’ 3rd that period and they kept that momentum going, despite Colorado getting one of their own to leave the period 3-1. In the second period, Nazem Kadri (who has been awesome so far this year) got the Avs within one but Travis Dermott and John Tavares scored goals of their own to keep the Leafs in control. The Leafs left that period up 5-2.

Matthews returned with a vengeance in the 3rd. He scored another goal right in front of the net, just 43 seconds into the period to get this game 6-2.

About 8 minutes after that the kid did it again to seal the Hatty.

Not long after that —

Pierre Engvall added the 8th goal to the Leafs’ total 2 minutes later. Nazem Kadri did try and keep the fight going as he got his 2nd goal of the game on the power play in the final 4 minutes of the game. The Avs could not muster a miraculous comeback so this game ended 8-3 in favor of the Maple Leafs.

There is a weird sacredness to facial hair in hockey. Between the deep superstitions some players have about shaving their facial hair to the holiness held in playoff beards, the discussions surrounding facial hair can get pretty intense. It’s nice to see a guy who was kicking ass immediately go and light it up post-shaving. The side-by-side photo did throw me off earlier but in time we’ll get used to it. Leafs nation is never going to let this guy have facial hair ever again though. However, I think he should go full yeti beard and see if that works.

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Featured Image: Toronto Maple Leafs Twitter

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