Ham Sports In Michigan

Last weekend I took a vacation. I never went to college, I love Michigan and Notre Dame’s hockey teams so I decided to head up north and live a bit of the college experience.

Friday I hopped on a 5 hour Amtrak up north, hung out in the quad waiting for my AirBnB to open up. I had to hang out for a few hours to finish my work before walking over to the M Den to spend a shit ton of money on a Michigan hat and jersey. From there I went to the glorious Yost Arena to catch game one of Michigan vs Notre Dame. It was a fucking awesome game despite Michigan losing in OT. I wrote a blog about it here.

Saturday brought some tourism. I walked the whole campus seeing all the big sights. Went over to the Big House, the Main Quad, the law quad – all over the map. Then of course game 2 of Michigan vs Notre Dame. Michigan lost again in OT but I was just a few rows off the ice so it was still a great night. I ended up visiting the Brown Jug on campus. I almost missed my Amtrak home the next morning but alas, vacation was a success.

Ann Arbor is a great little town, the hockey was absolutely incredible, I’d love to go back. Anywho, I spent some time making this jazzy little video so check out all 72 hours of my trip condensed into one minute:

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