Tonight Kirby Dach Had His First NHL Fight

All of my hockey teams played tonight and only one of them won (the Dallas Stars). Alas, I was out at the bar with my best friends, celebrating my 22nd birthday, and because we live in the great north (Chicagoland) at my favorite bar, they had the Chicago Blackhawks game on.

There I got to see Kirby Dach drop the gloves for the first time in his NHL career. It took 101 NHL games, 20 years of life, and 42 other penalty minutes for our sweet baby boy Kirby to drop the gloves in his first career fight.

His opponent, Blake Coleman, is a 29-year-old center in the league who has 2 Stanley Cups to his name. He’s played in over 300 NHL games, across 3 NHL teams, and has made a big name for himself as a big hitter for any team he’s on.

For Dach to swoop in, with under a minute on the clock in this game, you have to respect that. Coleman lays a rough hit on Dach’s buddy Alex DeBrincat so in comes Kirby Dach. The kid hasn’t played many games against Coleman but he knew that quick that he wanted to throw down to defend Alex. Here’s a clear angle of the fight.

I didn’t get many wins tonight (except for the great presents and drinks my friends got me) but for Kirby to come in and defend his buddy, giving himself his first NHL fight – I have that win.

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Featured Image:  Blackhawks Talk Twitter

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