Fire Rick Bowness

I know I’ve already tweeted about this 2 other times today but every time I remember, I really am heartbroken for Riley Tufte.

So in case you missed it, Riley Tufte, a rookie on the Dallas Stars, was supposed to play in front of a big hometown crowd last night when the Dallas Stars rolled into Minnesota. He was so excited, spent all of his call-up money and then some he borrowed from Nick Bjugstad to get tickets for all of his friends and family, talked about it countless times in the press. And then that rat head coach Rick Bowness goes and healthy scratches him an hour before the game. An hour. Bowness, who is already out of favor with fans due to the Dallas Stars’ lackluster start, threw his assistant coach under the bus and said it was his call.

Bull-fuckin-shit Bowness. He’s the head coach there, he’s in charge and he knew Tufte had family coming to the game. And if he didn’t, then he doesn’t actually listen to his players and that’s a problem in and of itself. I knew and I live 900 miles away from Dallas. If it was one of the assistant coaches who said “hey, we should bench Tufte tonight”, then this is the moment where as a boss and leader of this team you say “hell no, this is a big night for him” and you let him play. You don’t Mike Babcock your way through this.

I am, honest to God, absolutely gutted for Tufte. He was so excited to have his family see him play and he get fucked over, nothing he could possibly do about it. That’s stuff right out of a nightmare. I keep thinking about it and it breaks my heart, it probably hurt so bad for the kid to have to tell his family he wasn’t going to play.

I hope Bowness is fired soon. I hope it’s public and embarrassing at this point. This was really the last straw. He already lost fans with terrible coaching so far this season, he probably started to lose the room, and if I am a player on the Stars right now, I have no faith in this guy to do what is right for us. The Stars haven’t said a word about this yet, I’m hoping the media will bring it up more, but we’ll just have to see. Riley Tufte, you’re a rockstar kid, don’t let that old bag of bones weigh you down!

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