Hawks Have Won 4 Straight And I Am Feeling A Little Hopeful

Dare I say the Hawks are fun to watch. The Hawks have won their last 4 games since Derek King was brought in as the interim head coach. This was the best possible outcome following the removal of Colliton. Maybe the guys needed a new voice, maybe King has some systems that are clicking, whatever it is it’s working.

Tonight the Hawks beat the Kraken 4-2 in their first-ever game against one another and this was a fun one. First, Seth Jones scored on a tic-tac-toe play that was beautiful.

Then, in the second period, Alex DeBrincat scored a phenomenal goal to give the Hawks a 2-0 lead. He absolutely flew up the ice to get this goal. Not to mention, Brinksy was alight in the third. He beat the wheels off Yanni Gourde and then proceeded to assist on Patrick Kane‘s goal to complete the Gordie Howe Hatty.

The game got tense when Seattle scored back-to-back goals to get the game tied 3-2 in the late 3rd period but Jake McCabe swooped in and saved the day with an empty netter and we needed this game 4-2.

Marc-Andre Fleury was on his fuckin game tonight. The guy made 31 saves on 33 shots. He had some big saves right before the goal he gave up on the PK in the late third. He really battled out there tonight. This was one of his best games as a Hawk so far. Check out this insane stop he had in the 2nd period:

Overall, the Hawks are looking hopeful. They had some fire in their play, they’re looking confident and lively. They look so different between the beginning of the season and now. They’ve got 4 straight wins, that’s 8-points in the standings. It’s a start towards where we want to be.

The Hawks play again on Saturday when they head up to Edmonton. Edmonton has been incredible this season so this is going to be a real test. The last 4 games have been against teams that are so-so or bad, Edmonton has been playing like men possessed, they’ll be a tough cookie to crack. I’m nervous about this game but I also feel like that’s a good thing. Before, when we were absolute shit I would have been like “well whatever, this is going to be a shitshow” but now I’m excited to see how it goes. Couldn’t ask for a better closer to my 22nd birthday.

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Featured Image:  Chicago Blackhawks Twitter

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