These Goals Are Nightmare Fuel

One of my first blogs on this site was about the two things that are going to give me a heart attack. One: playoff pitching. That shit is stressful. Two: Goalies leaving the net. Anytime any one of my team’s goalies leaves the net to play the puck, a part of my soul is lit on fire.

And tonight, Stuart Skinner proved me right again. Skinner left the net to play the puck while the Oilers are down 0-2 in the late second. He shoots the puck, it hits the side of the net so Dylan Larkin scoops it and advances the Red Wings’ lead.

Nightmare fuel if you’re an Oilers fan. One reason I was worried about Marc-Andre Fleury becoming a Hawk was because of how much he did this and how often he gets scored on. One of the worst goals to have scored on you but eh good on Larkin for that quick reaction to get his team ahead more.

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