Jack Eichel Is Finally Free

I was up working in the wee hours of the morning when the Jack Eichel trade originally broke and all I could think is “thank God that kid is finally free.” One of the only blogs I’ve written about the Buffalo Sabres was a few months back, I talked about the whole debacle surrounding Jack Eichel, the Sabers organization, and his surgery. It’s bananas that it took a little over a month and some change to finally see this kid break free from the Sabres but here we are. The trade was completed last night/early this morning and just like that Jack is off to Vegas.

Eichel will finally get that neck surgery he’s been wanting/needing for months now. It’s still absolute insanity to me that he’s just been stuck in pain while getting sat at home because of that backward-ass organization. He’s one of the best players of this time and he’s missed so much because they wouldn’t let him get the care he wanted. Just insane.

Whatever, kick rocks Buffalo, new Vegas Jack is here to stay and I’m fucking living for this tweet:

You go, king. Show those bastards. I don’t particularly like Vegas (they’re constantly a thorn in my side), but I hope Eichel thrives here. He’s paid his fucking dues trying to make Buffalo work. Tying to make them a good organization. He tried. Now it’s his turn to just go out and play hockey without the weight of an entire organization’s success on his shoulders. AFTER he heals from the herniated disk surgery he’s going to get. I’m happy for Jack Eichel, good luck dude. I never bought that bottle of champagne I mentioned in the last blog but I’m mentally popping a bottle for him.

I also just finished working so I haven’t gotten around to it but he did interviews with Friedman and Chiclets, check them out here.

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Featured Image:  Jack Eichel's Twitter

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