Flyers Win? That’s Hot.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Flyers? They’re hot. Tonight they beat out the winless Arizona Coyotes with a 3-0 game. Sure, it’s Arizona they’re not good and we should have been better in some aspects. Less passing when we clearly have a shot, some zone transitions were messy, we couldn’t score anything for the first 40 minutes – the usual suspects. However, the Flyers playing this well – that’s hot.

Sean Couturier scoring the Flyers’ opening goal in his 700th career game?


Carter Hart gets his 3rd career shutout with 29 saves made in the full 60 minutes?


Travis Konecny being a general nuisance to everyone on the ice like the gremlin/hero I aspire to be?


The Flyers needed to win this game, not for their record but for the past. Last year, this is a game the Flyers would have lost, like completely drop. They fell to so many teams they were better than, and it ended up being a killer to their playoff hopes in the end. Winning this game is even more proof that things have really changed for this team. Overall, not as exhilarating as the past few games have been but a win is a win. Flyers advance to 5-2-1 on the season with the Penguins next on the horizon. The Battle of Pennsylvania will go down this Thursday and it’ll be a doozy. These classic rivalry games never disappoint. The Penguins are 3-3-2 so I’ll put stock in the Flyers to take care of them.

Last note: My “I Don’t Fuck With That Shit” Wade Allison shirt is undefeated on the season. Good luck shirt from now on.

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Featured Image: The Flyers PR Guru Zack Hill

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