Steve Buscemi Dressed As His Own Meme For Halloween Because You’re Never Too Famous or Old To Dress Up

Everyone pack it in, Steve Buscemi has won Halloween.

Actor Steve Buscemi dressed up as his own meme in honor of Halloween today. The 63-year-old actor hung out outside (what I’m assuming is) his Brooklyn home, handing out candy to Trick-Or-Treaters, taking some selfies with fans. I would bet that a large chunk of the kids trick-or-treating had no idea who he even is. It’s been a minute since he’s been a hot topic and he’s not a top meme like he was back in the day.

He absolutely nailed it too. Probably found the old sweater and shirt in the closet and went “we’ll shit this would be a great costume!” I love when celebrities dress up for Halloween. You’re never too old or too famous for this. It’s a pure, childhood nostalgia thing we all love. You’re never too old for Halloween. I’m ~dangerously~ close to 22 and I’m full-blown dressed up like Achilles.

I think Buscemi killed it and I wish more celebrities would do that. Have fun with it, run wild, and don’t be the fuckin Joker. I’m sick of it. Happy Halloween, y’all!

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