Feed Me All The Cam Atkinson Goals

Cam Atkinson has played not even 5 full games as a Philadelphia Flyer and he’s already their leading goal scorer. The 32-year-old winger was traded here from Columbus this summer and he has not disappointed for a single second. Atkinson has played 4 2/3 games and he’s got 6 points, 5 goals and 1 assist. His 5th goal happened in the 1st period of the Flyers’ game against the Oilers and oh boy, it’s juicy.

An absolute beauty of a goal. Passes it to himself, between his legs. So sick.

Atkinson has averaged just under 16 minutes a game so far alongside his killer point production. He’s been good on the PK, even has a shortie in those 5 goals. I’ve loved him for Philly so far. He’s embraced the city with open arms and they’ve embraced him right back, especially Gritty. I hope he keeps this rhythm going long into the season, he’s been fun to watch. There are still 20 minutes remaining in this game and it’s tied up so if he wants to go out and get another one that would definitely make Flyers’ fans love him even more.

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Featured Image:  Fox News

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