USWNT Falls To Canada Again In Another Close Game On My Why Tour

Tonight was game 2 of the My Why Tour and it sadly clocked in as another loss for Team USA. In the last game, Team USA lost 3-1 to Team Canada. The final from today was close to that but the US gained one more and we had a final score of 3-2.

Cayla Barnes had a good game. She scored the US’s opening goal on the power play and assisted on Amanda Kessel’s goal in the second period. That assist turned into an awesome tic-tac-toe goal that got this game tied:

Kali Flanagan and Abbey Murphy both posted some good shots on net, meanwhile goaltender Nicole Hensley stopped 17 of 20 shots on net for a .850 save percentage. The US played a good game but Canada was just one step ahead of us. These games don’t count towards any official standings but headed into the Olympic season, I’d like to see Team USA kick ass. This game was another angry one, it always is when it’s Canada and the US. Everyone is trying to take someone’s head off. They will have another 7 games, of course, to fight Canada. I think at the Olympics, Canada is going to be our biggest rival, I want to make sure this team is ready to take that on.

The next My Why Tour games aren’t until November 21st when the US will head back to Canada and play Team Canada again in Ontario. Team USA did originally announce they were playing Team Russia in Ireland on November 9th, 11th, and 12th but I can only find it on this calendar and not the main one. Should those Ireland games go down, the first one will be at 5AM CT on November 9th so I guess I have to get my ass out of bed early to watch it. We’re still waiting to see how the games can be watched and even if they happen. I only saw them on the one schedule but they used to be on the main one and I blogged about them here. Should those games happen, I think the US will take Russia out easily. They’ve been working their tails off against Canada, Russia should be a bit of a cake walk. If those games do not happen then we get a nice little break until nearly American Thanksgiving. I’ll keep you updated right here on Ham Sports.

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Featured Image:  USA Hockey Twitter

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