That Game Was Straight Up Embarrassing

I said in my last blog about the Hawks that it was time for shit to change and that is true now more than ever. Tonight’s game was just straight up embarrassing.

The game started okay. It was probably the best start the Hawks have had so far. They were up on the shot clock, they kept the score 0-0, that’s a hell of a lot better than their first few games so it was looking like okay, maybe we can do this.

Narrator: No. They, in fact, could not do this.

The Islanders got one goal in the second, which fine, okay, whatever. A 1-0 deficit going into the 3rd ain’t bad but the third is where this went from bad to worse. The Hawks get scored on 3 times in 11 minutes. It was a disastrous series of plays – turnovers, blown tires, no one is helping out Fleury. Plain and simple, they looked bad. Fans were leaving mid-3rd period, booing the team. It was a disaster from almost every angle. My one exception, as he has been all season, was Kirby Dach. Anything I say now does not apply to Kirby.

So for starters, Colliton has got to go. He’s had his run, it’s been mediocre, let’s just move on from him. He clearly can’t organize this into a winning team. I have no idea what other coaches are even available for now but we need something new and fresh if we ever want to win another hockey game again. Also would love to actually see Dylan Strome play with this team. Colliton has barely sniffed at him since the season started and I think Strome would do a better job than those barely experienced kids we have out there now.

I can see if we were waiting on Colliton getting fired because they don’t have anyone to swap him for right now (We basically had Q when Savard got canned right as the season started back in ’08). By all means, get on that. But if Dylan Strome isn’t at least in next game, I’ll be pissed. This system isn’t working, you need to change things up or you’re going to absolutely lose the fan and eventually room.

Fans left before the middle of the third, the teams was boo’d off the ice in their home opener — things have to change and like tomorrow. Fire Colliton and eventually fire Stan because I’m real sick of that sack of shit human being who cannot do his job correctly anymore.

Hawks play the Canucks (who are another team I like that are Not Great™️) on Thursday so hopefully by then there will have been some change in this organization and I can feel hope once more.

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