I Don’t Want To Jinx It But I Feel Like The Flyers May Be A Teeny Tiny Bit Back

I think we can all agree, that was a good hockey game. Flyers absolutely whipped the Seattle Kraken in an electric 6-1 game.

The Flyers started this game with 3 goals in the first period and a big chunk of that was because Carter Hart was fucking fire to start the game. He made an insane save 8 minutes in that was Classic Carter, he flew across the net to save the puck from going in and the crowd absolutely loved it.

This is the Carter Hart we have all sincerely missed and having him going gave the Flyers so much confidence to feed off of. Not even a full minute after that, Claude Giroux flew up the ice and gave the team the early lead. 3 minutes after that Short King Travis Konecny slipped in a goal of his own, followed up by Derick Brassard having a shot go off a Kraken and into the net. Before you know it, Flyers are up 3-0 with 6 to go in the first.

The Flyers brought that same energy and more into the 2nd. Ryan Ellis got his first goal as a Flyer 7 minutes into the second. Then Justin Braun got one of his own a minute and a half later to make the score 5-0 Flyers. Right after Braun’s goal was when shit hit the fan in the best way.

Nathan Bastian of the Kraken went after Flyers’ captain Claude Giroux, this of course resulted in all of the Flyers turning feral and a massive scrum broke out. Giroux and Bastian are the only 2 to get penalties but no one on the Flyers forgets this injustice against their beloved captain. Especially Nate Thompson. A few minutes pass and at the 12 minute mark, all hell breaks loose once more. It starts with an interference call on Nicolas Aube-Kubel against Adam Larsson but the tempers flare up and things get heated real quick. Nate Thompson goes after Bastian, they both get game misconducts and are sent to the locker room (but their bad blood does not end there). On the other hand, Nick Steeler (noted tough guy) went after Giant Jamie Oleksiak. It seemed like the refs had it under control and the mitts weren’t going to get tossed but then things shifted quickly. Steeler basically yeets the ref to fight Oleksiak and you genuinely love to see it if you’re Philly.

Then Steeler skates to the box yelling, hyping up the crowd.

That penalty filled period ends with just 1 goal from the Kraken and all of a sudden we’re off to another intense 3rd period.

Joel Farabee gets the Flyer’s a 6th goal just 5 minutes in and that is a little note compared to Nate Thompson being back on the ice. Thompson had unfinished business with Bastian and he gave it to him 9:11 into the final frame. They both got additional misconducts and penalties for fighting. Shows you don’t fuck with the Flyer’s captain because Broad Street has brought back the big bad boys.

Game finishes 6-1 for the Flyers and the penalty minutes finished 46 for Seattle, 40 for Philly (felt important to add). I hesitate to say it because we just played the mediocre expansion team but I feel like the Flyers are back. At least a little bit. Flyers’ hockey has always been chuckin knucks and lighting the lamp in my mind and to see it back in full force, I feel hopeful. You got the big names and the new guys scoring, Carter Hart had a great night with 23 saves on 24 shots. Only 7 guys (8 if you count Carter) didn’t have a point tonight but of those there was Thompson and Seeler who were contributing elsewhere. Overall, great night heading into a game against the Bruins on Wednesday. The B’s are 1-0 on the season so let’s keep this energy going and serve them their first L.

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