Team USA Sweep PWHPA All-Stars In 3-Game Series

Today concluded the 3 game series between Team USA and the PWHPA’s All-Stars and shocking to no one, Team USA blew the All-Stars out of the water in all 3 games. Game 1 was on October 14th and it ended with a 8-1 score in favor of Team USA. Game 2 was the 15th and it was much of the same, another 8-1 final score. Then finally today’s game was not so high scoring but the US still took the W with a 5-0 final score.

As I said before this started, I knew the US team was going to kick ass. They’re a loaded roster comprised of the best US players there are, most of them already have one gold medal and I’m sure they’re on their way to win another. The PWHPA All-Star team is good but they didn’t really stand a chance here.

This isn’t the last we’ll see of Team USA of course. They’re off to play Team Canada in Pennsylvania for the “My Why Tour” on October 22nd. A little revenge for the World Championships would be delightful here, scoop up some wins before we get closer to the Olympics. I’m so excited about all the Team USA games we are getting headed into the end of the year. We got one the 22nd, another the 25th. Then, as of right now, there are no games in November, BUT we do have another game December 20th. I’ll never get tired of watching this team absolutely dominate on the ice so as far as I’m concerned, keep ’em comin.

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