Team USA Takes Game 1 Against the PWHPA All-Stars

Tonight was game 1 of the PWHPA’s All-Stars vs Team USA and as to be expected, Team USA absolutely killed it.

No shock that off the hop, Team USA is scoring goals. Abby Roque started Team USA off with a goal 8:54 into the game. She has kicked ass with Team USA AND the PWHPA. Her starting things off is a no brainer. Then a few minutes after, the legendary Brianna Decker gave Team USA a 2-0 lead.

If you thought Team USA was good in the first, buckle up for the second. The period started slow but once Team USA got it goin’, they got things up and running quick. Dani Cameranesi scored back to back goals to get the US up 4-0. Then sweet ray of sunshine, captain of my life Hilary Knight got one of her own and all of a sudden it’s 5-0 going into the 3rd. (I’m sad I can’t watch that Hilary goal.)

The third period is where things get a little confusing though. It was 5-0 headed into the final frame and we have no live stream so I am relying solely on the PWHPA’s twitter account. Team USA makes it 6-0 half way into the 3rd, don’t know who the goal came from because this is the tweet:

Then, at least Alexa Gruschow saved the PWHPA from a shutout with a goal in, what I’m assuming, is midway through the third period.

So the score should be 6-2, but then this gets tweeted and I am very lost.

I’ve said my beef with the inconsistent updates, regardless, not shocked the USA kicked ass here.

The game finished 8-1, they did a shootout for funsies and PWHPA won that. I said in my blog when this was announced that I could see Team USA absolutely dominating over this PWHPA All-Star team. The players in the PWHPA are great and many PWHPA players are on Team USA – but you just can’t fight against a team this stacked. If Canada didn’t get lucky with that flukey goal at the WWC, the US would have beaten them and this All-Star team isn’t better than Canada.

There’s still 2 more games between these two. One is happening tomorrow and the other will be the 17th. If I were a gambling man, I’d take the US winning both games.

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Featured Image:  PWHPA's Twitter

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