PWHPA Announces An All-Star Team To Play Team USA Next Week

The PWHPA has announced a new set of games happening next week.

The PWHPA has set up an All-Star team comprised of the best players in the association and instead of playing each other, they’ll be playing the star studded Team USA. There will be 3 games going down up in Blaine, Minnesota next week. October 14th and 15th the teams will play one another at 7PM CT, then on the 17th they’ll play at 12:30 PM CT. Team USA has been preparing for their My Why Tour and Olympic run up in Blaine so they’ll be squeezing in some practice games against this loaded PWHPA All-Star roster.

I mean Sophia Shaver, Loren Gabel, Laura Fortino, and Catherine Daoust are big names that stand out. Shaver was killer at the University of Wisconsin, especially with Daryl Watts who is a stuuud. Gabel has always excelled, especially in her time at Clarkson where one season she had 69 points (40G 29A) in just 38 games. Fortino is a highly decorated defenseman who adds a boost to any roster she is on. And I remember Daoust being a defender that impressed me when I saw her in Chicago. A lot of the PWHPA’s top players are over on Team USA though so it will be teammate against teemate for these games. Regardless I’m taking Team USA to win them all. I’ve said time and time again that this team is like my dream team and I think they can take this All-Star roster down. If it wasn’t short notice, I would have made it up there to watch these games. It will be good for the PWHPA to get the engines going for the new season and some more practice for Team USA is always good. They’re going to be playing so many different teams at the Olympics, they’re going to need to shake things up so they don’t get used to Canada.

I’m excited for these games, I hope they’ll be streamed so we can watch them. Regardless, I am fucking loving all the hockey we are getting out of these organizations. Team USA is playing games October 14th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, and 25th then another game December 20th. That is delightful and I simply can’t get enough.

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