My Why Tour Has Added A Game In Minnesota So We’re Going On A Road Trip

Pack up the minivan, we’re heading to Minnesota before Christmas.

I have been trying to plan a trip out to Pennsylvania or Connecticut for the first two games of the My Why Tour. October 22nd, Team USA and Team Canada will kick off the My Why Tour in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Then on the 25th, they’ll head up to Hartford, Connecticut for round 2 of this battle. However, then we’ll have a little break for the month of November and come December 20th, it will be time for round 3 in the State of Hockey — Minnesota. Nix that earlier plan, we’re going to Minnesota in the dead of winter. These two will faceoff at the Xcel Energy Center, the home of the Minnesota Wild.

Every single game between Team USA and Team Canada has been absolutely exhilarating. Getting to watch round 3 in the Excel Center is going to be a must see. I don’t actually own a minivan but I’ll be sure to find a way up to St. Paul for this. I really enjoyed the city of Minneapolis the one time I was there, I’m sure as hell going back to catch this game as both teams prepare for the Olympics. A part of me is hoping they add a Chicago game too. I remember people coming out in droves for the PWHPA’s Dream Gap Tour, this event would be a massive pull too.

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Featured Image: Derek Leung/Getty Images

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