Keith Yandle Remembers To Thank His Goalie

There are certain players that I feel like need to be mic’d up every game and Keith Yandle is one of them. Just the other day, the Flyers dropped a 10-minute video of Keith as he went through the media day and it’s laugh-out-loud funny. No shocker after hearing him on Chiclets all the time.

King of Comedy struck again today though. When he went to collect the puck after Carter Hart settled it for him, the mics picked up him thanking Hart and it’s hilarious. Not to mention the other day when Yandle was sent a pass he wasn’t expecting mid-game, you could hear him say something along the lines of “Jesus Christ” on the hot mic. I never got a clip of it but it’s so funny how expressive he is on the ice. It’s just a classic Yandle move to throw out a “thank you”, mid-game.

I mean if you watched the 10-minute mic’d up video above you can tell he’s just one of those down-to-Earth dudes. He introduced himself to everyone in every photoshoot he walked into.

Tonight’s game ended in a 2-1 W for the Flyers. I fell asleep mid-game with my eyes open so I don’t have any sound comments to make but Keith’s “Thank You” was definitely a highlight from that. I’m hoping they actually mic him up for a few games this season so we can get that in clear HD moving forward.

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