We Don’t Talk About “Soup and a Sandwich” Enough

Last night I may have smoked a bit of the devils lettuce and I remembered a video series that was buried so deep in my subconscious, it needs to be talked about more.

“Soup and a Sandwich” was released four years ago, which makes me feel old. It’s Brian Campbell and babyfaced Artemi Panarin, hence the name, just shooting the shit for about a minute. There’s 5 episodes total but I think I could watch another 10. It’s so casually funny and just strange.

Of course we had some bloopers which are arguably more funny than the episodes. The clip of Panarin putting the bread in his shirt cracks me up.

This was some god tier content and I need teams to get back to that. Some content gets real stale nowadays, give me some silly shit that shows guys personalities more.

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Featured Image: YouTube

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