Beauts Sweep Up Elena Orlando From Retirement

The Beauts have pulled recently retired Elena Orlando back into the game.

Just this past July, Elena retired after 6 years with the PHF and to me, it was a shock. She was great for the Whale all those years and I thought she had plenty of years left in the league. Alas, she announced her retirement but it did not last for long.

Those Beauts were able to sweep her up and she’ll be heading into her 7th season this year. I think the Beauts will fair well with a player like Orlando. She’s a stay-at-home defender, will block shots, and is a great leader on and off the ice. I talked more about her career in her retirement post though

I’m happy she’s going to be back in this league. The Beauts will be a team to watch from now on. They have made some smart moves for their team going forward and signing Elena Orlando is definitely one.

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Featured Image:Bryan Johnson Photography

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