Bud Light Seltzer’s Fall Collection is Alright

It’s fall, it’s finally chilly in Chicago, Illinois. Therefore I bought seasonal drinks. Not top brand or some pumpkin beer, I got the Bud Light Fall Seltzers. I saw some tweet about them and how they sucked, and well I needed to try for myself. Therefore, I am 4 seltzers in writing this so good luck. Let’s get into the Bud Light Fall Seltzers review.

4. Maple Pear. (Green can)

Wanna drink straight maple syrup? I could barely get this one down. Too much sugar is gross for me and that’s all this drink was. This drink is straight sugar almost. I don’t like pancakes that much so just an overload of maple syrup was disgusting to me. Barely any pear, just maple. If you’re Canadian maybe you love it but as an American, hard pass.

3. Toasted Marshmallow (Brown can)

Another personal taste preference I guess, but not a fan of this one. I don’t like marshmallows that aren’t in cereal so this one was rough to get through. If you like marshmellows perhaps you’ll like this but I did not enjoy marshmallows. This drink just tastes like straight marshmallows. Too sweet again so getting it down was rough.

2. Pumpkin Spice (Orange can)

Deeeeelightful. I liked this drink a lot. It wasn’t as strong with a pumpkin taste as like a Dunkin iced coffee with pumpkin flavoring, it was good regardless. Still had that strong fall vibe while drinking it but it wasn’t so sugary and sweet. Go orange can while you can, it was really good. It was perfect between flavorful and seltzer-ish.

  1. Apple Crisp (Red can)
    1. If you’re at a party and they have the red can, grab the red can. This has been the best of the fall collection. The flavor isn’t super sweet, which is awesome, it would be great for sitting around a bonfire. This was the absolute best of the whole pack. I made the mistake of starting with this because from there I fell to all the worse ones. If you can, go red. Just don’t ask question, go red.

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