Gabe Landeskog And Erik Johnson Were So Funny At Media Day, I Wrote An 800-Word Blog About Friendship

Today it was a solid 60 degrees and windy in the great city of Chicago. My favorite weather, which has been long awaited. But there was something missing. Want to know what made the day perfect? It just so happened to be media day for some NHL teams.

That’s right, the one day before camp starts where NHL teams get all their players in one place and they all start spamming my social feeds with beautiful content. It’s like an oasis in the desert. No hockey one day, millions of new videos and memes the next. We didn’t really have media days last season because of the pandemic but now, it’s back and it’s a beauty. Any kind of funny content we can get for the whole season basically will be filmed in the next day or so but we don’t have to wait for some of the good stuff. A lot of NHL teams’ media people are pumping out videos and pictures like machines. My personal favorite of the day has been the Colorado Avalanche — I know, shocker.

However, it is for one specific reason.

You know when you go to a party and maybe the group you’re with is a decent size (5-10 people) so there’s constantly a few different conversations bopping around? So instead of mixing it up with everyone or being a loner, you get that close bond with just one person in the group. It could be your best friend you’ve known for years or the person you talk to least of everyone, doesn’t matter. But that entire time, they’re your go-to person when you have comments to make and you end up bonding, creating inside jokes, and becoming closer pals because of it. I refer to this as your Assigned Party Bestie. That bond is rare. It is a type of friendship that is a thrill to create and it is one I deeply cherish.

That is why I think all the footage from the Avalanche of Gabe Landeskog and Erik Johnson from earlier today has such a special place in my heart. They got paired up for almost everything at Media Day today and half the videos are the two of them roasting their teammates and chirping each other.

Example A:

Example B of that would be:

(Gabe’s face in that freeze frame)

Not going to lie Andre Burakovsky seemed to take a lot of ricochet shots today. Poor kid isn’t even around to hear himself get torched by the two tenure Avalanche players. Yet that seems to add up. Burkie seems to be that one derpy friend you have in the party-going group from the aforementioned euphemism. Every group has one. You’re probably thinking of your group’s right now. They’re the one who does something and you make eye contact with your Assigned Party Bestie like “did you fuckin’ see/hear the shit they just did?” They’re the Derp. The Derp also gets that tile if they’re not the youngest but they’re still one of the most innocent-minded/nicest/immature ones.

It’s all clicking in my little pea brain that is running on 3 hours of sleep, spite, and a large Dunkin iced pumpkin coffee.

Anyway, I love to see this content.

It’s goofy, it’s light-hearted, it’s what we all really need right now. Especially considering EJ missed most of last season due to injury and I was getting real worried there. He’s a guy that’s important to the Avalanche on and off the bench. You can just see what a great leader his is when he’s around this team, everyone just seems a bit happier and easy to laugher. I’m excited to see him back on the ice this year.

Now for the closing to this blog.

This is for when it’s the end of the party. The group has fizzled out, it’s getting late. The Derp has mostly likely fallen asleep in a lawn chair, got dropped off at home by the Mom, or you lost them at a bar 6 hours ago. Maybe a combo of all three. But at this point, you, dear reader, are at the crossroads. “Are we truly friends or was this just a one-time friendship because we’re too socially awkward to be the center of attention like Derp (Burkie)?” And sometimes, I will not lie to you those friendships will fizzle out. You’ll be best friend for 6 hours and then barely say 5 words to each other again. And that sucks.

But sometimes, you grow a beautiful friendship from that one day. And then it becomes 10 years of just roasting each other for the eyes of the hockey world. And isn’t that what friendship is all about?

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Featured Image:  Colorado Avalanche Twitter

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