Jágr Is Still Goin’

At this point all you can do is sit back and applaud Jaromír Jágr. You can’t even be shocked but him, he just keeps raising the bar. The man turns 50 in February and today he put up a casual 2 goal, 3 point game over in the Czech league.

With a hockey history longer than Al Capone’s rap sheet, Jágr is the definition of hockey legend at this point. He’s been playing pro hockey for 37 years (counting his time in the U18 Czech leagues) and he really hasn’t slowed down. He’s won almost every high accolade achievable and he gets to spend his days playing on a team that he is 70% part-owner of in his home country of Czech Republic. Oh and he’s a casual 49-years-old.

Today, Jágr led the Rytiri Kladnos to their first victory of the season with his 2 goals and assist. He even got bumped up to the first line with former NHLer Tomas Plekanec, who I had no clue was still playing overseas. It’s awesome to see not only a guy as old as Jágr but as talented as him still light it up and love the game. I’m sure he’s got another 37 years left in him to play so I will definitely enjoy sitting back and watching.

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Featured Image:  Rytiri Kladnos Site

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