I Am Loving The Hawks Prospects

As I’ve said about a billion times this past week, I am living for prospect camps and scrimmages. Today the Hawks’ prospects played against the Wilds’ prospects and some of these prospects really wowed me. We had a sick lil goal between Colton Dach and Lukas Riechel. Both of them are recent draft picks and this collaboration goal was a beauty. Watch it:

Repeat that for me. I’m specifically excited for these two to play with the Hawks. A. Reichel was drafted high and I want to see what he becomes. B. As someone who is close with their brothers I love to see a little sibling happiness, so I am so excited to see Kirby and Colton play together.

Plus Michal Teply got a goal of his own later. Dirty goals right in front of the net are always a bonus.

Last but not least we had a bit of a scrap. Mike Hardman scrapped with Calen Addison after Addison hit Hardman when he was down. Had to be done. The Hawks losing Shaw lost a bunch of their toughness, seeing Hardman get into it was a bit of a delight. The Hawks need some toughness so seeing that from a prospect is great. (Although the Wild shouldn’t have got a power play there IMO.)

Overall, I liked what I’m seeing from the Hawks prospects. If you’re following the Blackhawks, follow Chicago Prospects, they post all the good videos. The Hawks’ prospects lost today but it’s just the pre-preseason. The season is approaching quick and I’m excited to see which prospects will be making their NHL debut.

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Featured Image:  Chi Prospects

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