Reminder: Marc-Andre Fleury Is A Chicago Blackhawk

In the words on the great Celine Dion: I’m Alive. The NHL’s Media Tour has been going on and there has been some Grade A content coming out of it. The best of all for me, a Chicagoan, has been the beautiful reminder that Marc-Andre Fleury is a Chicago Blackhawk.

Look. At. That. Smile. I cannot get over it. Not to mention, the red sweater looks fantastic on him. His pads have a throwback vibe about them. He usually is very flashy when it comes to the colour of his pads. He had bright yellow in Pitt and then gold in Vegas. Red, IMO, would just blend in too much and look bleh. Black was the Corey Crawford Staple (TM) and those wounds are still too fresh. So these pads really give Flower some individuality and I, for one, love it.

Although, the red sweater was not Marc’s best look of the day. On the inside of his suit jacket, he had pictures printed of of his 3 kids: Estelle, Scarlett, and James. His kids have always been his top priority. Back before the trade officially went down and rumors were rampant, Flower mentioned he did not want to have to move his kids across the country once more. They were always his main concern in all of this and it’s so adorable that he got cute pictures printed onto the fabric of his suit jacket while he’s away from them doing the Media Tour.

And last but not least, we also got a first look at his new mask with the team and it is a beauty. That glittering red on the front is gorgeous and I like how it’s classic. It’s not too wild and out there, it’s simple and team driven. I like it.

I love when the Media Tour is happening because it’s the first time we see some players after the summer and the social teams get on their A Game to provide some good content. Training camp is looming on the horizon and I am excited to see the Hawks back in action with their new members. Although as excited as I am for Marc-Andre Fleury, it still is so strange to not see him in black and gold/yellow. It will take time but regardless, I am loving it.

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Featured Image:  Renaud Lavoie

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