The 2022 NHL Winter Classic Jerseys are Here

There is always certain to be debate in the NHL, especially when it comes to Winter Classic jerseys. No matter what they look like, everyone has an opinion on them. They either hate em or love em, even if it’s a team that don’t care for. Well yesterday, the St. Louis Blues dropped theirs for the re-scheduled 2021 (now 2022) Winter Classic, 6 days after the Wild released theirs. So, per usual, there is a debate about which is better. And this year, I’m team Wild.

Disregarding for a moment that I’m a Chicagoan who has been anti-Blues since birth, I do like that shade of blue they chose. As for the rest of it, meh. It’s fine I guess, it just looks like their usual away jerseys. It’s like they forgot about the deadline and were like “fuck it, just change the away jersey colours”.

As for the Wilds, I like how it looks old school. Like back in the day, teams had basic jerseys that said the name of the city/state. Plus that shade of green is gorgeous as well as the tan. It symbolizes the state of Minnesota well in my mind. Not to mention I saw people knocking the elbow patches and wanna know what? I like ’em. They’re cheesy, sure, but it’s supposed to be a fun jersey. It adds some character and a splash to the back of the jersey.

Overall, I’m sure the debate will go on forever but I’m Team Wild on this one. The 2022 Winter Classic will be January 1st, 2022 obviously. I still live in Chicago so maybe I’ll venture up there to watch it live. I was at the 2019 and 2020 so why not. I love being at the Classics, there is nothing like ringing in the new year freezing your ass off and watching some good hockey.

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Featured Image:  Minnesota Wild

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