Most Natural Sight On The Planet: Kris Bryant Walking Around Wrigleyville

Not gonna lie, had a tear in my eye about this one.

The San Francisco Giants are in town for the next 3 days and that means something all Cubs fans have been dreading is going to happen. Our sweet boy Kris Bryant will play against the Chicago Cubs, at Wrigley, for the first time in his career. What stung a bit more was the fact that today KB went around Wrigleyville and toured the old stomping grounds.

It’s a sight that feels so natural. Kristopher Lee Bryant walking in Wrigleyville right by that big ass mural of himself, being cheered on as if he is a King. He is the King of that neighborhood, he looks so comfortable there. Waving on at all his loyal subjects. I would gladly just declare him “King of Wrigleyville” and hand him the Crown and scepter if it meant he could stay. Sadly I cannot do that.

What hurts the most is remembering why he’s here.

The Cubs will play the Giants this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the first time since the Trades (TM). The Cubs are 7-1 so far this month following that horrible stint after the deadline where they just couldn’t win a game. Meanwhile the Giants are first in the NL West with a 90-50 record. So yeah I bet this series will be a blast (sarcasm). Their game tomorrow starts at the sweet time of 1:20PM CT. Guaranteed: I’ll be working on an animation with the cool breeze flowing in the open doors while KB hits a dinger onto Waveland, and I once more become a puddle of tears because I miss his beautiful, awkward ass.

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Featured Image:  Bleacher Nation

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