Time To Open The Purse And Spend All My Money on Hawks Tickets Again

That title is a lie, I don’t carry a purse. I just love when old fat British guys in movies say that.


Tuesday, September 14th, 2021. Noon central standard time. It will be time again for me to dump an abordanent amount of money on Chicago Blackhawks tickets. The Hawks announced earlier today when tickets are going on sale as well as when their different themed/celebration/promotional nights will be. We have the dates of the various achievements (mostly retirements) that need to be celebrated. Shoutout Mario Tirabassi for putting the key ones on a nice little list here:

Kaner’s 1,000th game celebration will be first – just 3 days after the home opener. The Hawks will be playing Vancouver that night and I’d be so tempted to go if the tickets weren’t a gazillion dollars. The prices for tickets aren’t out yet but come on, that’s a relic so tickets are going to be outrageous.

Obviously this past season seemed like the prime time for retirement to so many Hawks legends. Andrew Shaw, Brent Seabrook, and Niklas Hjalmarsson will all have their own retirement ceremony as well as Chicago legend and Hawks’ play-by-play announcer Pat Foley, who said this upcoming season will be his last sadly.

Shaw’s ceremony is January 13th and it will be while the Hawks play against his old team, the Montreal Canadiens. Seabrook is next on January 31st with the team playing Vancouver. Seabrook didn’t play for Vancouver like Shaw and Montreal but back in Seabsy’s hayday, the Canucks were huge villians in the little storybook that was the Hawks’ Dynasty so it’s fitting. Then Hjalmarsson is March 3rd against Edmonton. I was at his first game back in the UC after he was traded to Arizona so maybe I’ll go to this one to cry my eyes out once more at whatever video tribute they play for him. And Mr. Pat Foley will get his send off April 14th against the LA Kings. That one will also have me in tears.

I feel like it needs to be noted too that there is no ceremony for the recently retired Corey Crawford. Huge part of the Hawks success so I hope he gets his sometime in the near future but for now it is strange he doesn’t have one.

Of course the Hawks are not just celebrating retirements. I don’t particularly care about the SanJose Sharks but my ass will be in a red, faux-corduroy UC seat on April 12th for Pride Night. I go every year and I think the Hawks do a great job with it. That’s the first game I am shooting for off the hop. There will also be Native American Heritage Night (November 7th), the yearly “Home For The Holidays” and plenty more. You can see what else they have planned so far here.

As I am sitting here, writing my silly little blog, I realise what an iron grip this dumb sport has on me. I was trying to go to Philadelphia for the Flyers home opener against Vancouver on October 15h as well as seeing the “My Why Tour” in Allentown on the 22nd. Take into account any other games and my intern salary is looking slim. I am going to have to start living like a cowboy, cooking what I can catch. Regardless, hockey is almost back, tickets will be on sale so we can maybe get some normalcy back in our lives and I sincerely can’t wait.

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