It’s Time For A New Week So Let’s Take A Second To Chill The Fuck Out (+ Aragorn)

Sometimes I feel the need to write these little check-in blogs. I don’t know if it’s more so for you, dear reader, or for me but regardless, I feel like we all need this one.

I could write about the NWHL’s alleged name change coming tomorrow or whatever the hell is going on with the Coyotes’ entire organization. We could talk the Canadien’s messes or about the Cubs suddenly going on a seven-game win streak. I could do all that but I feel like heading into another, abet short, week in this dumpster fire of a year, I feel like we all collectively need a breather. Life has been so go, go, go as of late and we all need a second to just catch our breaths.

We spend so much of our time just worrying about the next thing and what’s after that so much so we don’t enjoy the right now. Then we look back and say “man, I wish things were that calm right now.” So let’s just sit back for a bit. Don’t worry about what you have to do at work tomorrow, don’t worry about all the drama in your life. Just take a minute and focus on chilling the fuck out right now. Just taking a bit to just be. I feel like with Twitter I always spend so much time worrying about what’s happening on the internet that I never take time to just chill the fuck out.

So right now, chill the fuck out. Just be a person sitting or laying in a room with no regard for anything happening outside of it. Just take a few minutes to care about you. And if you need something to occupy your mind, check out fellow-cloak-wearer and known bestie, Aragorn II, Chieftain of the Dúnedain High King of the Dúnedain King of Gondor and Arnor King of the West Lord of the Westlands, being a boss ass bitch. It boosted my mood so I hope it boosts yours.

Let’s have a great week, besties.

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