A Shopping Haul with Shortman Hams

As you know, we here at Ham Sports are all about that lifestyle blog shit. Therefore it is time for a little shopping haul like you see on Pinterest. You know me, Shortman, huge Pinterest aesthetic person. Totally not the human embodiment of an racoon eating bagels out of an ablaze garbage can. No, never. But I’m not a huge shopping person however I did pick up some sweet items today that I want to share with you, dear reader.

First, my favorite purchase of the day.

$20 from Party City. What a deal. I’ve always wanted a cloak. Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to just sprint around in the woods wearing a cloak like I was a hobbit or in a dramatic music video. Basically I can act like I’m in Lord of the Rings, this is a win-win people. I stood facing the wind for a sold 5 minutes feeling like a God. If you seen me sprinting in the woods with Hozier blaring from a speaker, mind your own business.

See. Cloaks are cool.

Next up we got some stuff from a little local shop you might not have heard of called ‘Trader Joe’s’. It’s a bouge little Hawaiian-esque place that I think is gonna be big one day.

Number one I got some eucalyptus. The best smelling plant on the planet IMO. I put this in my room and it smells wonderfully clean. Basically if you want to sell the illusion that you clean your room everyday, get some of this and throw it into a vase. It’s only $3.99 for a bundle. We’re all about bargains here.

I also grabbed some TJ brand apple cider. TJ –>Trader Joes’, quirky huh? It’s getting to be fall and nothing says fall like a warm glass of apple cider while chillin on the front porch. It’ll be perfect in a week when it gets chilly, the leaves start falling down, and the wind in crisp. It’s so much better than a warm coffee in the fall.

Onto the second best part of this haul: the alcohol.

We got some TJ brand Irish cream, 17% alcohol. I mixed this bad boy into my Dunkin iced coffee with cream and pumpkin spice. Delightful. It would work a little better with some caramel flavor but overall, must buy. I think it was $10.99. They also had a kind of cold brew bottle for $9.99 but you can’t go wrong with the Irish way.

Last but now least I got a lovely bottle of watermelon wine from Love, Olivia AKA knockoff brand Oliver’s wine. As far as fruity wine goes, I like this one. I don’t like some fruity wines where you drink it and it’s alright but the aftertaste is like you ate 4 flower pedals and that taste doesn’t leave for like 3 days, yeah I cannot stand that. This wine however is good. No bad aftertaste, good overall taste, highly recommend. It was only like $3.99 too so quality wine at the price.

I’d say a successful haul for today’s day. Only spent about $50 so go out there, find yourself a Trader Joe’s and scoop these. I am going to wear my cloak but I cannot wear it with my cowboy hat. My mother made her passing comments regarding my attire. Wearing a cowboy hat with this would look preposterous, a brown cowboy hat with a black cloak. That’s ridiculous. Overall successful trip. As you know we’re all about lifestyle blogs here so follow us for more.

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Featured Image:  Made by me

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