We’re Not Done With US vs Canada Hockey Yet Babes, Mark Your Calendars

I was just going to write a blog about how sad I am we don’t have a Rivalry Series soon but alas, my savior. USA Hockey and Team Canada are hosting a series between each other in the month of October because we just can’t get enough of this rivalry.

This tour will be called the “My Why Tour” and it will, as of now, be two games between Team USA and Team Canada, happening October 22nd and 25th. I don’t know about you but after the US’s loss in the gold medal game last night, I am hankering for more games between these two teams. We saw in the past years at the Rivalry Series and the Women’s World Championships that these games get intense and I demand to see more.

These games will be partially to warm the teams up for the Olympics and partially to pull more people into the women’s hockey rivalry. You can read their mission statement here but overall I love this idea. As I’ve stated about a billion times on this blog, I am in love with Team USA’s roster right now (even though they left out my homegirl Annie Pankowski) and I would love very much to watch them play another few games before the Olympics. Plus, we didn’t get a lot of US vs Canada this year because of the pandemic so give me as much as we can. Both games will be played in the US so I might have to find my way to Pennsylvania or Connecticut in October to see these games with my own eyes.

One thing I know for sure is these games are going to be just as chippy and nerve-racking as the gold medal game was last night. All the games will be on NHL Network so you’ll be able to watch but I might find a train to take me there. Seeing a lot of these players with my own two eyes is like a blessing because who knows when we’ll be able to see anything like this again. So many Olympians and generational talent all in one place — put me in the stadium, coach. I need to see this.

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Featured Image:  USA Hockey

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